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Hiking time!! Grab your shoes!  During day two of our Memorial Day doggpath Adventure we went hiking.  We loaded the pups in the car and drove down to Henry Cowell Redwood State Park.  We’ve been here many times before and the pups seem to love the area.  We, on the other hand, love that the pups can run off-leash and explore the wild outdoors as their wild, savage, ancestors before them did……grooowl.

A fun part of the hike in Henry Cowell Redwoods is following the pups and seeing what doggpaths they take us on.  It’s amazing how instinctively they can find hidden hiking trails which we’ve never noticed before.  However, sometimes their doggpaths are dead ends…but, fun none the less.  As a bonus at Henry Cowell Redwoods is the river.  Halfway through the hike we’re able to stop by the river and play on the many different sand point bars.  Spend an hour here and the pups really tire themselves-out running through the sand, the bushes and cautiously testing the water to make sure it’s not too deep.  They haven’t got the swimming thing down yet…all in due time (avoid the urge to toss them in…no bueno).

On our way back from the river we had an uphill hike.  The pups seem to handle the uphill with ease, and with whistling and calling their names, they don’t tend to get further than 20 - 40 feet away.  Unless…they spot a beautiful little-teenie-weennie baby deer!  Oh boy was that quite a scene (we got video…ugh).  To say the least, the pups got a little excited, chased the lil’baby deer/fawn for 15 feet before the baby fawn tripped and fell!  Luna had bolted around a Redwood to cut its path off, and Paco was behind the fawn in hot pursuit before the fawn fell.  Paco then immediately leaped onto the fawn with his entire body and clamped down on the fawns neck with his teeth.  Luckily, my boyfriend was a few feet away and yelled Paco’s name!  As my bf tells it, “Paco lifted his eyes to look at me, and had the expression of…this is a NO?”  Paco released the fawn, and my bf picked up the fawn and checked for any injuries.  Other than saliva, slobber and wetness on the fawns neck, there were no injuries.

One thing that is remembered most about the incident is the crying.  If you have never heard a fawn cry, you’re not missing much, because it will break your heart.  As we comforted the fawn, and got the excited pups under control, we allowed the pups to smell the fawn for a few minutes.  Once the pups were calm, sitting, under control and listening, we let the little fawn go with no issues.  The pups looked upon as the fawn hopped down the hill…..our doggpath adventure for the day was over.

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